Welcome To My First e-Portfolio!

It is a significant opportunity to have my first e-portfolio on WordPress, as well as a great challenge. In this iReflect paper, I choose to work on a language project, teaching Chinese character.  As a student who’s minor in Language Teaching, I’d like to practice my teaching skill in this project and to achieve improvement.

How to find all the posts?

It’s very easy to find my posts:

1. Look at the side bar on the left, and then

2. Choose the post you want to read in either Brief 1 or Brief 2

In brief 1, most posts are about my research of e-portfolio and reflective practice.

In brief 2, there are weekly reflections of my language project.

OR you can simply type the key word of the title of the post you want to read on the top right “searchbox.

I wish you may enjoy my reflection and look forward to your comments. ^-^


7 thoughts on “Welcome To My First e-Portfolio!”

  1. Christina, I personally am awestruck on the professional level of display within your posts. What I liked is the easy to read organization of information, the icons you chose that tie in with the material and of course the background is appropriately themed for your cause. I look forward to checking out your progress even if I didn’t have in interest in the Chinese language. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi,your posts look really neat and tidy. The lessons are very interesting and thorough and most importantly easy to follow. The background on the lessons and main page is also appropriately themed. Look forward to the next lesson

  3. A simple and smart structure line you got up there, Christine! And it matches the project Chinese character learning as well. The display of branches are very methodically organized! And when I check the lesson post you made, I feel like I’m checking a professional online Chinese tutorial. Nice:)

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