What different types of reflective practice are there?

There are heaps of articles on the internet to show the different TOOls of reflective practice, eg: journals, reflections, self-assessment, portfolios (traditional and electronic) and blogs etc.  However, it’s really hard to find the TYPEs of reflective practice.The first article I came across was Paul Surgenor’s “Tutor, Demonstrator & Coordinator Development at UCD”. This article gave me the definitions of two types, from a very academic approach:

Dialogic reflection refers to a less intensive approach that involves ‘discourse with the
self’ to explore a given event or incident. It involves considering the decisions and
judgments made and possible reasons for these.

Critical reflection refers to efforts to accounting for the broader historic, cultural, and political values in framing practical problems to arrive at a solution (Hatton and Smith, 1995)

To be honest, I’m not sure about the examples in this article, so I continued my research. Finally I found a very useful website to explain these types. “Reflective Practice in Health Sciences” analyses reflective practice in 3 levels: superficial level (=descriptive reflection), medium level (=dialogic reflection) and deep level (=critical reflection)

lel of reflection