WP_20140518_22_01_43_ProSomething about Lesson 1:

Due to the lack of practice, the student almost forgot all the words at the beginning of today’s class. We all thought the words of first lesson are not difficult. However, since he didn’t practice them often, when I askes his to do the dictation he found it’s hard to recall. What helps was the video clips I used last time. Even the student couldn’t recall the word properly, after I reminded him about the meaning, eg: a man resting next to a tree. “The word come to my mind immediately.” was what he said. Therefore, I’ll continue using these types of clips in future classes.

We all realize now that frequent practice is important even the words we think are simple at the first place. There are some characters, which confused him at the first lesson, seem still do, eg: “liu”, “qi”, “jiu”. I think what I did before, for example just leaving some homework to the student is not good. I need to give him something he can practice the words daily. Therefore, at the end of the 2nd lesson, I suggest we can start texting by using Chinese.

Something about Lesson 2:

The idea of using “the 5 elements” works well as it can be related to the student’s own culture. When I start this topic, the student shows great interesting about it. And when I mention these 5 words are the basic radicals of Chinese characters, he pays more attention to them.

According to his writing, I can see the student still has difficulities to structure a word in the grid box, especially when the word is formed by two parts. I’m a little struggling about this. Since the original idea is to help him build the ability to text in Chinese, I’m not sure if I should be more strict about this part or I can just let him be free-style as he wishes. I know to put a word in balance is not easy. I’ll talk with him next time to see what is his expecation of his writing skill to decide what to do.

Compared with single word or two-word phrase, the student shows passion to learn about simple sentence, like the last sentence we learn at the end of Lesson 2. So, I think for next lesson I will put more focus on teaching sentences.