T: Hi Henry, as you know today we are going to use Google doc to practice typing in Chinese.

S: That sounds good.

T: I have sent a link to a shared document, named “iReflect with Henry”. Did you get the invitation?

S: Yes, I did.

T: Good. So, first of all, let’s get into the shared doc.

Screen shot 2014-06-01 at PM 11.05.57







T: When you get in, you will see a blank page titled “Let’s chat in Chinese”

S: Yes, I got it.

google doc screenshot





T: Good, good. To make it easier for us. We use different colors. Ok?

S: No problem.

T: From now on, I wish you can answer all the question by typing in Chinese. You can ask questions as well. If you use a wrong word, I will highlight the word for you. At the same time, you can mark a word if you have no idea what is it. Is that good for you?

S: That sounds interesting.

T: Good. Let’s start.

(teacher start the lesson by asking what the student learned in last 2 lessons)








S: How to spell only in Chinese?

T: “Zhi You”

S: “Zi You”?

T: No. “Zhi You” not “Zi You”

S: Ok







T: Wa-oh, you really surprise me. Actually, you know lots words as you can see. I don’t think you have any problem in daily texting with your friends.

S: Eh… maybe. I haven’t tried before. I thought it would be very difficult.

T: Now I’ll start today’s topic. We have 2 topics today. For the first one, I’ll chat with you in Chinese. In Chinese only. Which means if you have any problems, you need to ask me by typing, ok? And I’ll answer you by typing as well. Ok?

S: Ok

Topic 1








T: Let’s have a break. How do you feel about it?

S: It is hard when I can only depend on reading. There are some words I feel confused. However, I think I can master the majority.

T: It’s true. There are some words look very similar and pronounce exactly the same. Now for next topic, I’ll still ask you questions by typing but at the same time I’ll repeat it orally.

S: Sure.

Topic 2







T: So, how do you feel about it?

S: This is the most interesting lesson. The only problem is I have to change the color of my words each time. Maybe we can use Yahoo messenger, the web version. That’s more clear.

T: I tried that before the class. But the chat box is too small.

S: You can change the size of the chat box. Anyway, I like this lesson and I learned new vocabularies as well.